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When subject is crashing in TIdSMTP VCL 2009-07-20 03:51
In case of using Delphi 2009 with Indy 10, when I try to send an email with TIdSMTP, on the received email this text arrived as...
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How to send text/html based email in UTF-8 with TIdSMTP, TIdMessage VCL 2009-07-20 01:22
I had problem in encoding mail header with IdSMTP, IdMessage. I found some references in Internet, but the problem is the delive...
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How to send email by TIdSMTP VCL ? 2009-07-07 06:52
TIdSMTP component is very useful VCL in Delphi 2009. Here's the simple example to send email.uses IdSMTP, IdMessage;;procedure K...
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